So, You Picked Out Your Hearing Aid, Now What?

Well, you did it. You took the plunge, called the doc and had your hearing tested. With the results in hand, your American Fork audiologist recommended a pair of hearing aids to treat your hearing loss. After much deliberation over the style, additional features and price point, you and your audiologist finally settled on the right device for you. Now what?

Hearing Aid Fitting

hearing aid fitting

Now comes the hearing aid fitting, which involves programming your hearing aids and making adjustments to provide the correct levels of amplification for your particular hearing loss. Counseling is also provided in your fitting appointment to ensure you have realistic expectations. Both of these components are crucial for long-term success.

Preparing you for how hearing aids will change your life is important. Many people think that hearing aids work like glasses; all you have to do it put them on and your senses will be back to normal. Unfortunately, hearing aids take a little getting used to. If you are not properly prepared for the road ahead, you can easily become discouraged and give up on improving your hearing.

 Programing Your Hearing Aid

Next comes the actual fitting of the devices. Not only do the devices need to fit comfortably in your ear, they need to be programmed to match your degree of hearing loss. To do this the hearing aid will be placed in your ear and turned on. Your American Fork audiologist will then measure the sound coming through the device to make sure it matches your amplification needs.


Maintaining Your Hearing Aid

Finally, your American Fork audiologist will discuss how to take care of and maintain your devices. You will learn how to use them correctly and make adjustments for different hearing environments, insert and remove them from your ear, change the batteries and clean and care for them properly. You will also learn tips and strategies for better communication.


A follow-up visit will be scheduled a few weeks after your initial fitting. During this appointment, your audiologist will fine-tune and adjust your hearing aids as needed as well as answer any questions you may have. It may take a while to adjust your hearing aids to their maximum effectiveness, so additional fitting appointments may be needed.


You’re in the final leg of the race toward better hearing. These final few steps ensure that your hearing aids work as well as possible, which is really the whole point.


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