Timpanogos Retirement Announcement

It is with much sadness that we are announcing Marsha’s retirement. She has been a vital part of our team since the day we opened and we will miss her so much! She leaves the following message:

I am announcing my retirement and I must admit that it is a bittersweet decision. It has been hard deciding this, but I have prayed and fasted about this and I really feel that it is time. However, I couldn’t just walk away without telling my patients how much you mean to me. I have worked here now for almost 14 years, and my favorite part is all of you! We have patients that came in as young children, who are now grown teenagers and how very awesome they are! We have patients around my age, give or take a few years, who have become more like friends to me than patients. It always cheers me seeing you come in and we get to talk about our lives, our grandchildren, our talents (mostly yours), talk about vacations and even compare aches and pains or surgeries we need to have. Thank you for becoming my friends. There are also my special elderly patients that come in, and oh, how I love you! There are many of you that are so very kind and loving. I watch you and think to myself, how I want to be like you! You have become some of my heroes. There are others of you that come in and I know you are having a bad day–you seem so sad or maybe in a lot of pain. I have felt so sad and wished I knew how to help you.
No matter who you are, I thank God for your acquaintance. You have brought joy and happiness into my life. I have learned so much from you and gained so much appreciation for each of you. I will miss seeing you. If you ever see me in a store or somewhere, please say hi! Please don’t get offended if I forget your name–you all know I am horrible at names!
I wish for each of you a rich and wonderful life, and I can’t help but say Better Hearing to you all! Thanks again, Love you all!


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