5 Tips for Those New to Hearing Loss

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As veterans in the hearing health industry, we’ve helped people from all walks of life address their hearing loss. For many of those individuals, the beginning of their journey is plagued by the unknown and can feel isolating, but you don’t need to face this alone. In order to help those new to hearing loss, we’ve create a list of best practices.

  • 1. Listen to your loved ones. Often, individuals with hearing loss are slow to seek treatment. Our brains tend to adjust to the loss of hearing, which can mask the severity of the condition. If those around you express concern regarding a hearing loss, listen to them; their judgment is often more accurate than your own.
  • 2. Find an audiologist you trust. When looking for a hearing health professional, you want to be sure your provider is able to provide holistic care. In addition to dispensing hearing aids, an audiologist is also an expert at diagnosing and treating a range of hearing and balance disorders.
  • 3. Schedule a consultation & hearing test. Once you’ve found your trusted audiologist, schedule a private consultation and hearing test. Audiology practices may book these appointments in succession or break them into parts. This process will include a hearing test, which will provide diagnostics on your specific type of hearing loss, and a consultation with your doctor to discuss treatment options or other relevant information.
  • 4. Prepare for your appointment. Prior to your appointment, do some basic research so you can prepare questions for your doctor. For example, you might want to ask specific questions about hearing aid styles or inquire about consumer protection laws. The more you know going into the appointment, the more comfortable you’ll feel. Also be sure to bring insurance, prior hearing test results and a close companion. Doing so will allow your doctor to understand your hearing loss on a deeper level.
  • 5. Try out multiple hearing aids. During your appointment, your audiologist will ask you questions regarding your hearing loss and lifestyle. Based on the answers provided by you and your companion, your provider will present a recommendation on which devices will best treat your loss. It can take your ears time to acclimate to hearing aids, so don’t be afraid to test out a few different styles. Only after wearing them for an extended amount of time will you know if the device is right for you.

If you or a loved one are dealing with hearing loss, we can help provide the information and resources to ensure you receive the most advanced care possible. To get more information, or to find out about your options for the best hearing aids in American Fork, contact our staff at 801-763-0724.

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