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Timpanogos Hearing & Balance is dedicated to helping patients with hearing disorders lead a quality life by providing excellent service and the latest treatment options, including digital hearing aids from the industry’s top manufacturers. We’ll take into account your specific type and degree of hearing loss and match that with your lifestyle needs to come up with a personalized solution designed to improve your communication abilities. Don’t just take our word for it—here’s what some of our patients have to say about their experience.

Timpanogos Hearing and Balance is great! They treat you really nice. All of the people that work there are warm and friendly. The doctors are very knowledgeable. They are so helpful with all of your questions. They help you get the very best hearing aids at the best prices. They even give you a birthday present every year. What other business do you know that does that? They also give you free hearing aid batteries for life! I have been very happy with Timpanogos Hearing & Balance. They are always there when I need them!

– C. Swenson


I’ve been so pleasantly surprised with the degree of customer service, the commitment to the customer, the fitting and follow up. The ease of being able to come in to have adjustments made has been so easy to do. It’s wonderful to be able to tell people to turn the television down please because I’m hearing too much! When I’m around my family and friends, I’m not having to say, “Say that again please?” and they are noticing and are grateful too. It also improves those relationships because they quit worrying about you, they quit being conscience of what you need and that’s a nice thing. Thanks again Timpanogos Hearing and Balance.
– Judy W.

“Dr. Sparrow explained everything very well and I understood what he was saying, I felt very comfortable in the office. I told him about the struggles that I was having and he corrected a lot of it. The atmosphere was pleasant and so was the staff. Having these hearing aids have opened up another world for me because I can hear so much better. I can hear in church much better and when I go to meetings I can hear what the speaker is saying a lot of times before I had to guess at it. When I don’t have them in my family gets after me and helps to remind me to wear them. These hearing aids have helped me so much in hearing others and understanding what they are saying; it’s so nice!”
– Richard P.

My name is Valerie and I am 35 years old. I have noticed my hearing going down hill for a few years now. I knew it was time to do something about my hearing when my husband told me that he could not repeat everything to me. I was also having a hard time at work and I was starting to get customers’ information wrong. I found myself answering people if I heard them, but I had no idea what they had said, and they would look at me funny. I went to Timpanogos Hearing and Balance in Spanish Fork to see what my options were. Miranda and Jeana were the best; they are so nice and helpful. They seemed like they truly cared and wanted to help me. Thanks to them, my life has changed. I find that people are asking me what instead of me asking them. I can spend time with my family without having to get everything repeated to me. I am also able to serve my customers better at work. Miranda checks on me often to make sure everything is going well. Thank you Timpanogos Hearing and Balance!
– Valerie S.

“Dear Dr. Garrett & Staff,
Words cannot convey how your kind care has changed my life for the better. Hearing is indeed a blessing. I can continue to play my violin in the symphony, work in the operating room, and live my life to the fullest now. I even can hear my two year old grandson say,’I love you Grandma!’ and I can hear the cries of my newborn grandson. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
– Shauna J.

“My name is Brian and I moved to American Fork from Ogden, Utah. I purchased hearing aids from a hearing center in Ogden, Utah before coming to American Fork in October of 2011. I was having problems with the hearing aids so I went to Timpanogos Hearing & Balance to see what was wrong. Marsha was so nice and helpful and sent them into the manufacturer for repair(they were under warrantee). Each time Marsha and the staff have been so helpful and kind. I will NOT go anywhere else for my hearing needs.”
– Brian C.

“My name is Lena I. Wilson. I would like to say a few words about my feelings for Dr. Layne Garrett and the Timpanogos Hearing & Balance hearing center. I experienced some difficulty hearing for quite a few years and had gone to another company that fitted me with some “aids.” The “aids” helped me somewhat, but were very uncomfortable to wear, so I didn’t use them regularly. As my hearing problem become more acute I decided I needed further help. I looked in the phone book for a number of an audiologist close to my home. It was there that I found Dr. Garrett. What a blessing he has been for me. He is so thorough, kind and efficient. With the aids I now have I can be in a group and hear what is going on and even participate. I can even hear children much better than I could before. It is so nice not to have to ask people to repeat themselves so many times. I am grateful to Dr. Garrett for his expertise, kindness, honesty and friendship. I would, and do, recommend him to anyone I know who could benefit from his service.”
– Lena W.

“I came in to visit Dr Garrett and he was very interested in how I was doing with my hearing. He found a pair of hearing aids for my lifestyle and budget and let me try them. I was suprised that I could hear without everything being garbled. I could hear clearer than I had for years! I would recommend Dr. Garrett and his office staff to anyone. They are very friendly and helpful. Timpanogos Hearing & Balance IS THE PLACE TO GO!.”
– Daphine B.

“I was most impressed with Dr. Garrett’s caring manner and concern in helping me find the best hearing aid for my special needs. This Oticon hearing aid has opened up a whole new world for me and has helped me regain my joy in music. I feel like my old self again. I appreciate Dr. Garrett’s willingness to work with me in purchasing this wonderful new product and helping me hear the world again. I recommend his services to anyone.”
– Joan W.

“My husband tried hearing aids years ago and hated them. He resisted the idea of trying them again; worried they’d end up in the bottom of his drawer like the others. However, we’d gotten to the point where I couldn’t talk to him without yelling. He was willing to try anything – even if it meant new hearing aids. The hearing aids we got from Dr. Garrett have changed everything. My husband loves them! He puts them on first thing in the morning and doesn’t take them off all day. We can talk, laugh and enjoy life together again. The hearing aids saved our marriage.”
“We have been very pleased with Dr. Garrett and his staff. They are prompt to take care of us and treat us as important people – not just, “old people.” We are thankful for Dr. Garrett for fitting us with such comfortable hearing aids. It is good to hear and be part of conversations and classes again. Thank you very much.”
– Mr. and Mrs. Dale B.

“It’s a miracle! As soon as I began wearing the hearing aids Dr. Garrett got for me my wife stopped mumbling. When we took a drive around the lake I could hear her every word for the frist time in a long time.”
– R.V. – Highland

“I have been wearing hearing aids for years, but have always been bothered by background noise, the sound of my own voice and I always felt plugged up. Most of the time my hearing aids were in the drawer. My brother visited Dr. Garrett and loved his hearing aids, so I thought I’d give Timpanogos Hearing & Balance a try. I came and visited Dr. Garrett and as soon as I put these hearing aids on I noticed a huge difference. I wasn’t plugged up and everything sounded so natural. At first I didn’t think they were working because they didn’t sound like my old hearing aids, but then I noticed I was understanding everything without having to strain. I love these hearing aids.”
– A.M. – Kentucky

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Timpanogos Hearing & Balance

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 20 reviews

by Marsha P. on Timpanogos Hearing & Balance

“I have been a patient with Timpanogos Hearing and Balance for five years. They are very friendly and knowledgeable regarding hearing issues, types of hearing aid options, and what will work most effectively for the patient. They patiently and attentively listen to my concerns and provide solutions. I recommend them to anyone and everyone with hearing issues— new or old. The office staff is also supportive, welcoming and kind!”

by Brian on Timpanogos Hearing & Balance
They Are The Best!!!

I have been a customer for six years now. I had purchased some inner ear hearing aids from a company in Ogden, Ut back in the latter part of 2011.

When I moved to American Fork in early 2012, my hearing aids started to break down. I took them to Timp H & B and they would send them back to the manufacturer for repair. They did this a number of times that year. Layne offered to have me try some outer ear hearing aids and what a difference! I have since moved to West Jordan, Ut in June of 2013 and I wont go anywhere else for my hearing aid needs. Last week I purchased a set of new Oticon hearing aids that are technologically advanced from my last pair and I am amazed at the clarity and ease of hearing even more! I can’t thank Layne and the Timp H & B staff enough for all they have done for me! They truly care and love their customers…and I am one of their Loyal Customers! Thank you so very much!!!

by Ed on Timpanogos Hearing & Balance
Oticon OPN3 Hearing Aids

This has been my third experience with Timpanogos and by far the best product I have had. They have changed my complete ability to hear more clear and I have been able to use them for the complete day. Also really enjoy the recharge function not having to deal with batteries. Highly recommend Timpanogos Hearing and the Staff.

by Paul on Timpanogos Hearing & Balance

The doctors are very helpful. Thank you so much!


by Rich on Timpanogos Hearing & Balance
Great staff

It was a pleasure to walk into Timpanogos Hearing and Balance and be greeted by the friendly receptionist who was very knowledgeable in answering my questions about the procedure for acquiring hearing aids. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Garrett as he examined my needs and the hearing aids he recommended along with the program of follow ups. When you walk out of this office you feel that you are cared about as a person and that your hearing will be improved. This is a very knowledgeable and professional office concerned about the welfare of the patients.

by Linda on Timpanogos Hearing & Balance
Caring service

Very caring and knowledgeable staff. I felt I was in good hands. I am still getting used to crossover hearing aids. So far they seem to work well in a crowd. Linda O.

by Heather on Timpanogos Hearing & Balance

I noticed I was having difficulty hearing female voices and when someone was behind me. I made an appointment to see if I really had hearing loss. The Dr. was so helpful and explained all the tests he would do. Afterwards he explained why the hearing loss. He fitted me with hearing aids and all I can say is what a difference!!😊. I left with the hearing aids and wore them for a week. What a big difference. I came back and agreed to purchase them. They was no hard dale. I’m so glad I went to them. The staff was so helpful. The Dr explained in detail everything. I am so happy I deciddd to have the test done.

by Scott on Timpanogos Hearing & Balance
In my opinion, these are the best staff and the best product available.

I am a professional in the audio and broadcasting electronics. I work and teach electronics.
In doing research for my personal tinnitus and hearing loss, I found the newest technology to be a quantum step forward in using today’s electronics and computer programming to reduce background noise and clarify human speech. The Oticon OPN series seemed to be at the leading edge in hearing aid research and development.
I found Timpanogos Hearing and Balance who represent Oticon and set up an appointment with Dr. Wm. Sparrow. Dr. Sparrow was great to explain the technology and specifically tailor a pair of OPN series aids to fit my personal hearing loss curves for both ears. He invited me to take them and try them for a week on a trial basis. I could return with them as often as needed if they needed “fine tuning” and match them to my personal needs.
After my first visit, I left the office, after being treated with patience and a smile, and found that the Oticons indeed made a difference. I was able to understand soft spoken words I had not been understanding. I heard and understood speech that I was not understanding before.
I am grateful to Timpanogos Hearing and Balance and specifically, to Dr. Sparrow for his kindness and patience to explain and improve my hearing issues.
Many thanks for the professionalism and help you have given me to improve my hearing.


by Ken on Timpanogos Hearing & Balance
Awesome Service

I lost my high frequency hearing when I was a boy growing up in Idaho riding around on noisy farm equipment. I struggled with this my entire life. Finally when my wife got tired of me asking, what!, I decided to get another hearing test and see how bad I had become. I started searching the internet for a hearing doctor. I didn’t want a big discount store where I was just in and out without any personal service. I found Timpanogos Hearing and Balance and they looked like the one I wanted. Boy was I right. My first visit confirmed that I had moderate to severe hearing loss, especially in the high frequency range. Dr. Sparrow was absolutely awesome in explaining the problem and what he could do to help me. I walked out of the door with a set of demo hearing aids! They were amazing! I no longer need to ask my wife to repeat herself and for the first time I could understand what my grandchildren were saying. They let me have the demo hearing aids for several weeks and I continued to be amazed.During this time, I attended my church’s Christmas program and for the first time, I could understand the words and feel the richness of the music. What a blessing in my life. Dr. Sparrow and his staff did not stop after I purchased the hearing aids. They continued to answer my questions and find solutions to my specific problems. If you want excellent service and a knowledgeable staff who care about solving you hearing problems, then go see these guys. I have already referred three of my friends to them!

by Ann on Timpanogos Hearing & Balance

I began going to Timpanogos Hearing and Balance when they first opened and have never looked back. Dr Garrett and his crew always go the extra mile in helping patients get comfortable with the hearing aids.

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