Hearing Aid Accessories– Making Your Aids Work Better!

Did you know that you can get more in our office than just hearing aids and batteries?  There are many products and accessories available to improve hearing and hearing aid use and we are now carrying many of these in our offices.  Here are some of the products available:

  • EarGene soothing drops.  This refreshing ear lotion relieves and prevents itching that sometimes occurs with hearing aid use. $4
  • Audiologist’s Choice Wax Drops. These drops will help to break up wax buildup in your ear canal, which can cause hearing loss or hearing aid malfunction.  $7
  • Battery testers.  Want to know if your hearing aid battery needs to be replaced?  This handy tester will tell you! $6hearing aid accessories spanish fork - american fork
  • Dry Aid Jars.  Perfect for people who sweat a lot or are going to a humid environment. Simply Put the aid in the jar overnight with the battery door open and the jar will absorb excess moisture.  This will cut down in intermittent performance and ultimately in repairs as well. $10
  • Keychain battery caddies.  These small plastic containers fit perfectly on a keychain and hold 2 batteries so you never have to be without! $2
  • Caption and amplified phones.  Have difficulty on the phone even with your hearing aids on?  Try a caption phone to read what the other person is saying (internet connection required) or an amplified phone to turn up the volume on the conversation. Free to $150
  • Streamers, t.v. links and phone links.  These devices work with your hearing aids to connect you to whatever electronic devices you want to hear better—televisions, computers, cell phones, regular phones, iPads and iPods all work better when streamed through these devices. $75-$250

If you are interested in any of these products, stop in the office or give us a call at 801-770-0801!

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