Hearing Aids

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While hearing loss is common and widespread, fortunately most patient—an estimated 90%—are able to improve their communication skills and stay connected with friends and loved ones through the use of hearing aids. All hearing aids rely on amplification to boost hearing, but the similarities end there; they come in a wide variety of sizes and styles and many offer additional options and accessories to help you communicate better. The experts at Timpanogos Hearing & Balance want you to have choices, and carry a large selection of high-quality digital hearing devices programmed to your unique hearing and lifestyle needs. Utah County residents can schedule an appointment at either of our locations (American Fork or Spanish Fork) for assistance in finding a hearing solution perfectly suited for them.

Choosing a Hearing Aid

Once you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss, your audiologist will help find a solution based on a number of factors including the type and degree of your impairment, your lifestyle needs, cosmetic preferences and—of course—your budget. Hearing aids are available in a wide array of styles. Keep in mind a few important things when choosing […]

Hearing Aid Styles

Despite the fact that hearing aids all do essentially the same thing—amplify sounds to improve your ability to hear—and feature the same basic components (a microphone, amplifier and receiver), there are quite a few different styles to choose from. The hearing aid style you select should ultimately be based upon your type and degree of […]

Hearing Aid Maintenance

Regardless of their cost, hearing aids are a major investment—one that you should expect to get years’ worth of reliable service from. Because of their high-tech circuitry and regular exposure to a harsh environment where moisture, heat and earwax can all cause damage to their electronic components, even the best hearing aids are prone to […]

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids are built to provide many years of useful service. However, regular exposure to a harsh environment means they will occasionally encounter problems. No matter how fastidious you are when it comes to hygiene, the ear canals inevitably attract dirt, moisture and earwax buildup—all of which can wreak havoc with the electronic components in […]

Hearing Aid Accessories

Not only do today’s digital hearing aids include an assortment of features for improved sound quality and comfort; there are also a wide range of accessories that help improve your overall communication experience. The audiologists at Timpanogos Hearing & Balance can provide information about hearing aid accessories and are happy to answer your questions or […]

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices, or ALDs, are components and accessories that help people with hearing loss overcome challenging listening situations and communicate more effectively. A wide variety of ALDs is available—some are meant to be used with (and complement) your hearing aids or cochlear implants, while others operate as standalone devices. ALD Types Assistive listening devices […]

Hearing Aid Financing

Your hearing health is vitally important, but the expenses involved in the treatment and care of hearing loss can add up quickly. Timpanogos Hearing & Balance understands the financial strain that accompanies top-notch treatment, and does not want costs to prohibit you from seeking a solution. To help offset the expense, we offer a number […]

Hearing Aid FAQ

What are hearing aids? Hearing aids are electronic devices that are worn in the ear canals or behind the ears. They amplify sounds so people with hearing loss are able to hear more clearly and communicate effectively. Why are there so many different styles of hearing aids available? Everybody’s hearing loss is unique, as are […]