Hearing Aid Accessories

Not only do today’s digital hearing aids include an assortment of features for improved sound quality and comfort; there are also a wide range of accessories that help improve your overall communication experience.

The audiologists at Timpanogos Hearing & Balance can provide information about hearing aid accessories and are happy to answer your questions or demonstrate the technology.

Which accessories you choose will be based on your level of hearing loss and individual lifestyle needs.

Popular Hearing Aid Accessories

Some of the most popular hearing aid accessories include the following:

  • Wireless accessories. Bluetooth™ technology enables your hearing aids to “communicate” directly with a variety of electronic devices including TVs, smart phones, laptops and tablet computers, personal music players, microphones, remotes and more. Our devices include ConnectLine streamers for turning your hearing aids into wireless headsets and SurfLink devices for hands-free telephone conversations, audio streaming and simplified programming.
  • Hearing aid dehumidifiers provide storage for your devices while you sleep. They remove moisture and dry built-up earwax, kill germs and deodorize your aids, keeping them fresh and clean. The result is fewer repairs, improved sound quality, longer battery life and a reduction in itchy ears.
  • Transmitters and Receivers. These devices are used together to provide clear sound in environments where background noise, distance and reverberation hamper the ability to hear. They are especially helpful in classrooms and lecture halls.
  • Cleaning kits. Kits simplify the process of cleaning your hearing aids, resulting in better sound, a longer life and fewer repairs. They include useful tools such as a wax removal brush and pick, tube and vent cleaner, battery door opener and battery replacement magnet. Alternatively, these tools can be purchased separately.
  • Wax filters. Filters help prevent earwax from accumulating in your hearing aids, reducing clogs, improving sound quality and prolonging the life of your devices.
  • Power adaptors. Adaptors allow you to connect various electronic devices directly to your hearing aids.
  • While you’re at it, don’t overlook the importance of having a ready supply of hearing aid batteries on hand! These prevent you from missing out on conversations in important situations, and are especially useful when traveling. Nobody wants to spend valuable vacation time searching an unfamiliar city for batteries!