Hearing Protection Tips for Fall

Fall is here, with pumpkin flavored everything and all the sweaters your heart desires. These cool, crisp days just beg for you to spend the day outside, enjoying the American Fork weather. But before you get too swept away, there are a few autumn activities that can cause noise-induced hearing loss.

Leave the leaf blowing to the American Fork professionals.

Protect Your Ears During Fall
While leaf blowers are practically a staple of fall, they often do more harm than good. They represent a significant risk to your hearing health; the most powerful models can produce sounds up to 112 decibels. This level of noise can cause hearing damage in as little as 15 minutes.

The best way to protect yourself while still keeping your yard leaf-free is to hire a professional. They come equipped with the required hearing protection. If this is not in the cards, make sure you invest in your own hearing protection. In addition, consider purchasing a new model with reduced decibel output.

Football season risks.

There’s nothing like watching people throw around the ol’ pigskin. Whether it is a high school game or a professional one, one thing is for sure – fans love to cheer their team on. The current record of loudest stadium was set in 2014 by the Kansas City Chiefs’ fans. They produced sounds up to 142.2 decibels, which is louder than a gunshot, jet engine or fireworks. Sounds this loud can cause immediate hearing loss.

Ask the Experts

Last but not least, talk to the experts. Your American Fork audiologist has a number of hearing protection molds and plugs that can help you enjoy any fall activity while still keeping your ears healthy.

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