Introducing Oticon Opn

Oticon Opn Hearing Aids Spainsh Fork - American ForkFinally there’s a hearing aid that lets you hear what you want to hear, even in the most complex hearing environments. It’s Oticon Opn.™ Only Opn features a revolutionary microchip that adjusts and balances all the sounds around you, not just the ones directly in front of you. It separates speech from noise and let’s you focus on what’s important. And because Opn works in harmony with your brain to process sounds exceptionally fast, you’ll enjoy 30% better speech understanding,* reduce your listening effort by 20%* and remember 20% more of your conversations.** With Oticon Opn, you can open up to a fuller, more natural hearing experience.


*Compared to Alta2 Pro
** Individual benefit may vary depending upon instrument prescription

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