The experienced staff at Timpanogos Hearing & Balance provides a full spectrum of hearing and balance services to Utah County patients of all ages, from newborns to senior citizens. Whether you are coming in for a diagnostic evaluation or need a treatment solution for your hearing loss or ringing in the ears, we’ll help guide you onto the path to better hearing and balance. With two convenient locations, in American Fork and Spanish Fork, we’ve got the tools and experience to help improve your quality of life and reconnect you with your friends and loved ones.

Dizziness & Balance

Dizziness is one of the leading health complaints in the United States, affecting an estimated nine million people annually. For those over the age of 70 it’s the top reason for a visit to the doctor’s office—not surprising given the danger of falls in the elderly population. Dizziness is actually a blanket term used to […]

Pediatric Hearing Loss

Children who develop a hearing impairment don’t just face the everyday challenges of others with hearing loss; their speech and language development is at risk, increasing the likelihood of social and behavioral problems as they age.   For this reason, early intervention is crucial. Even a temporary hearing loss at a young age can have […]

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is the third most prevalent physical condition in the U.S. Despite the perception that it mainly affects the elderly, in reality people of all ages can—and do—develop hearing loss. Approximately 48 million, to be exact. That’s 20% of the American population! What Causes Hearing Loss? Presbycusis (aging) and noise exposure are the most […]

Tinnitus Treatment

1 in 5 Americans suffers from tinnitus, a ringing sound in the ears that varies in both intensity and duration. It may also be described as a buzzing, hissing, whistling, clicking or other sound. Tinnitus may be either persistent or intermittent. Some people find it a minor annoyance, while for others, it is a serious […]

Hearing Test

A hearing test is the most reliable way to diagnose hearing loss. Symptoms often develop gradually, and many people grow accustomed to the reduction in their hearing abilities, overlooking the fact that they are suffering from a hearing impairment. Individuals aged 50 or older are encouraged to add routine hearing tests to their annual health […]

Hearing Protection

Many people believe that hearing loss is an inevitable part of aging, but only 30% of patients with a hearing impairment are older than 65. Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is actually more common and affects people of all ages. The good news? Noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented through the use of hearing protection.   […]