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woman suffering from vertigo

Goggles Could Help Diagnose Vertigo

An estimated 40 percent of people in American Fork will experience dizziness or imbalance at some point in their lifetime. Balance disorders became more common as we age, and vertigo – an extreme form of dizziness that produces a sensation of spinning or movement – is one of the most widely-reported. Vertigo can be difficult […]

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woman trying to sleep with hearing loss

Surprising Risk Factors for Hearing Loss in Utah

About one in five residents of American Fork has hearing loss. Many can blame the usual suspects: advancing age, noise exposure or trauma. But there are other factors that can lead to hearing loss in Utah – and some of them are bound to surprise you. Unexpected Causes of Hearing Impairment According to your American […]

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A beer being poured into a glass

Hearing Loss Linked to Higher Drug & Alcohol Use

If you have hearing loss in American Fork – especially if you are younger than 50 – you’re twice as likely to misuse prescription opioids, according to a new national study. Your odds of abusing alcohol and other drugs are also higher. This makes early detection and treatment extremely important. Hearing Loss & Substance Abuse […]

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bells ringing

Tinnitus: More Common Than You Think in Utah

If you frequently notice a ringing in your ears but don’t even own a bell, you are part of a not-so-select group of people suffering from tinnitus. How non-excusive is this? About one in every five people experiences tinnitus in American Fork. It’s widespread throughout the U.S. and other countries, making it one of the […]

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Understanding Reverse-Slope Hearing Loss

If you’ve been diagnosed with hearing loss in American Fork, odds are good that you have the most difficulty understanding women’s and children’s voices. This is because most types of hearing loss affect high-frequency sounds. A rare condition called reverse-slope hearing loss made headlines recently when a woman from China – identified only as “Chen” […]

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