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Balancing Act (part 2)

As we discussed in the last blog post, our balance system is made up of our inner ear and what we see and feel. This week, we will discuss what happens if something goes wrong. What Causes Balance Disorders? Countless things can cause balance disorders: medications, head injury or a change in the inner ear. […]

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Balancing Act (part 1)

How Your Balance System Works Have you ever wondered how you balance? Seems simple enough; if you get up out of bed you stand up and then just stay standing up. Turns out, nothing is as simple as it seems (tell that to my seven-year-old self who was sure gymnastics would be as easy as […]

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So, You Picked Out Your Hearing Aid, Now What?

Well, you did it. You took the plunge, called the doc and had your hearing tested. With the results in hand, your American Fork audiologist recommended a pair of hearing aids to treat your hearing loss. After much deliberation over the style, additional features and price point, you and your audiologist finally settled on the […]

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Concussions and Hearing Loss

Common Concussion Symptom: Hearing Loss Car crashes, contact sports and falls are the leading causes of concussions in Spanish Fork. This type of traumatic brain injury is caused by a sudden acceleration or deceleration to the head. Common symptoms include headaches, dizziness, loss of consciousness, confusion, fatigue and vomiting. Hearing loss is another common symptom […]

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When Should You Upgrade Your Hearing Aid?

When is the last time you cleaned out your closet? I’m thinking there is a pretty solid chance you still have a few articles of clothing you purchased while you were in high school hanging in the back. Maybe you are waiting for the right occasion to wear your prom dress or you think that […]

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